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Smart solutions for hotels to boost their bookings

swell innovates in technology to improve hotel’s online performance

Hotels are facing more and more challenges to drive direct bookings.

Our expertise in the hospitality industry led us to develop new solutions that will improve hotels’ websites.
Swell Hotel is a paltform where we display these innovations.

Free WiFi

1 Fresh pineapple every morning


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Free city tour

Comfortable Standard Rooms & High-End Suites

Swell Hotel has 35 elegantly furnished and air conditioned classic rooms, which will be a perfect pick both for business and leisure travelers…

Premium Suite

Enjoy our classic suites with all the elegancy and comfort that its interior has… It features such essentials as a flat-screen 45″ TV, WiFi and 2 bathrooms with a living room and 2 bedrooms…

  • Only 5 rooms are available
  • Breakfast included
  • Price does not include VAT & services fee

Hotel Location



Playa Nova lcaria, 08005 Barcelona, Spain.

Email: contact@swell-agency.com

Phone: 34 (0) 333 444 55

Guest reviews

This platform is a real revolution for hotel’s websites. My website visitors are more convinced to book directly than ever.

Craig Ramsey

Satisfied Customer

This hotel’s website platform allowed me to deliver traffic. Even my conversion rate highly increased

John Sullivan

Satisfied Customer

I managed to turn a lot of my websites visitors into customers. They were pleased by my hotel website’s performance.

Carolina Geoffrey

Satisfied Customer

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